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Finding the Right Support!

This is a very interesting topic that stemmed from a conversation with the ladies in a boot camp session. During this session, I was asked how to select the right sports bra. I was not sure; I have not needed to shop for a sports bra and most men don’t know. However, men if you are in the need of a sports bra or a bra of any type, you need contact me immediately.

1 Unusual Way To Burn More Calories

Oh how I wish this story wasn’t so familiar! 😉 It’s from one of my biz partners over at Prograde Nutrition, Jayson Hunter. It’s something you need to read because it hammers home the message I’m always bringing to you: Eat right and exercise. Two more things: 1) Yes, I have their permission to share […]

Should law makers regulate the offerings fast food companies make in their kids menus?

A county in California recently established an ordinance that separates the link between toys and fast food. Let me know your thoughts and comment with you feed back. Click here to watch the news clip from ABC New

San Marcos Fitness Boot Camp Reveals 5 Biggest Obstacles for Busy Moms

Heath Herrera is a local San Marcos fitness professional and fitness boot camp instructor. Today he reveals the 5 obstacles a busy mom faces in her eternal quest for a better body.

Save 13 Percent on Brand New Prograde Metabolism

Yes, Prograde Metabolism is FINALLY  here. Woohoo! And not only is it here, but you can save 13% on it this week only. Actually, I’ve got another “not only” for you – there’s a very special surprise found on this page that I’m about to show you. But you have to read the entire page […]

3 Metabolism Updates For You

I just received these updates from Director of R & D for Prograde Nutrition Jayson Hunter. Because their newest product, Prograde Metabolism, is launching on Monday and he’s crazy busy preparing he asked me to share them directly with you: **** 1) I’ll have an entire FAQ for you tomorrow to help you decide if […]

The Story of Prograde Metabolism

There are no miracle pills or potions. There are no shortcuts. If you want to look great naked you MUST have a solid nutrition plan in place and exercise intensely. That’s what I believe. And that’s what my partners over at Prograde Nutrition believe also. They’ve got a new product coming out next week that […]

Lies and Myths of the Weight Loss Industry

I love my partners over at Prograde Nutrition because I truly believe there isn’t another supplement company on the planet that tells it like it is. Seriously, you will NOT believe what they are about to tell you. They literally EXPOSE the biggest weight loss scams out there. They pull back the curtain and reveal […]

CTMC Health Check 2010

Please join me at CTMC’s 24th annual HealthCheck, the largest health screening event in Hays County. HealthCheck will be held on Thursday, April 22, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in San Marcos.

4 Very Unusual Metabolism Boosters (Special Report)

My partners over at Prograde Nutrition have just released an extraordinary special report. In fact, I’ll admit, I learned quite a bit from it. I’ll bet you didn’t realize walking through your grocery store that these 4 items could send your metabolism soaring! You could wait to read it, but your body will seriously thank […]