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This is a very interesting topic that stemmed from a conversation with the ladies in a boot camp session.  During this session, I was asked how to select the right sports bra.  I was not sure; I have not needed to shop for a sports bra and most men don’t know.  However, men if you are in the need of a sports bra or a bra of any type, you need contact me immediately.

So, ladies let me know how I did in getting the information you needed to make exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.

Selecting the right sports bra is vital to comfort during your workouts.  When you are not comfortable with your exercise you are more likely to not perform your exercise routine for the day.

I am not an expert in selecting the right sports bra.  I did a little research and compiled a list of what I feel may be crucial in selecting a sports bra.

What is a sports bra?  A sports bra is garment made to support a bustline for activity of any kind through a specific design and fabric type.  Sports bras vary in their types.  You can get a sports bra that pulls over your head, some adjust in the back, some adjust at the straps, some have an underwire, and some even have seamless cups for everyday activity.

How do you select the correct sports bra?

If you are not sure, find an expert in bra fittings.  If you choose to select your sports bra alone, follow these tips:

  1. You must try on the sports bra to determine fit and comfort.  It is important to shop in person.  If you are a runner, go to a store that specializes in runners; they will most likely have the correct sports bras designed for high-impact activities.
  2. Before you buy your sports bra, jog in place, do jumping jacks, or other high impact movements to test the support of the bra.  The bra should minimize breast movement while performing these movements.
  3. Stay away from bras that are 100% cotton because they will remain wet when you begin to sweat, possibly causing chafing and discomfort during your workout.  To prevent this, select a moisture wicking fabric.
  4. Try on several different size sports bras.  You know you have a good fit when you are able to slide two fingers under the straps.  Please note that the sport bra is too small if it is cutting into your skin and too big if it wrinkles or bunches.
  5. The right size sports bra for you may not be you normal bra size.
  6. Should you need a lot of support and have a large chest, find a sports bra with wide shoulder straps.
  7. Make sure to examine the seams.  Select sports bras with seamless fabrics or covered seams to help prevent chafing. If you prefer an under wire in your bra, check that the under wire is completely covered so you will not be gouged.
  8. After you find the perfect sports bra, don’t hold onto it forever! The sports bra will lose elasticity over time, after about 72 washes. You can air dry sports bras to prolong the life of the moisture-wicking fabrics. Also, make sure to replace your sports bra if your weight changes significantly.

I know I can’t give accurate tips for selecting the right sports bra, but I did my best to research what you need to know when selecting the right sports bra.  I also let my wife read this prior to posting and got her approval for the content.

Committed to your health,

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS

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