Learn how to lose weight from Lebron James

If you follow sports at all, you will know that Lebron James left Cleveland for Miami.  With this decision,  Lebron gave you 3 important components to help you lose your fat.  This is not about loyalty or money, but about making the right decisions for your future.

The decision he made was not easy, but important for him to reach his goal as an elite athlete.   Lebron’s main goal as an athlete is to win championships.  In order to do this, he made the hard decision to leave the team he had been with for 7 years to a team that is putting the tools in place to help him achieve championships.  The combination of Wade, James, and Bosh allow the Heat to build a powerhouse to compete for championships.  The three joining forces will not guarantee championships.  They must come together and implement a program, work together, and compete day after day against many obstacles.

Here are the 3 things you need to move forward to losing your fat and building a “championship” body: 

1. Implement a plan that works for you.

Lebron was on a great team, but certain components were missing to have a complete program to win championships.  The same goes for you when it comes to fitness and losing weight.  If you have been running day after day, not strength training, and eating the same things but not losing weight; you need to change your game plan.  You can continue to run, but you must change the way you eat and implement strength training to build the body you desire.

2. Work together with a great support system.

Lebron is joining a support system that will ultimately help him move closer to his goal of winning championships.  He has changed his support system, but they must work together.  The same thing goes for you when it comes to changing your body.  Find family, friends, and/or program that will support you day after day in your journey.  Constantly let your support system know what your goals are.  Ask your support system for assistance when you need help when you find it hard to move forward.

3. Avoid negative feedback for your choices to look better, feel better, and have more energy.

Lebron has gotten a lot of negative feedback for his decision.  Primarily from the former owner of the team he played on.   As you begin to change your body you will receive negative responses from individuals about your decision.  You must remember this decision is for yourself and not them.  If they choose to be negative, do not include them in your plans.  You must realize they are jealous of your decision to change your lifestyle.  If they can’t support you, then you must “cut the fat” and move on.

Now that you have three things to build a “championship” body, put them into action.   Make the right decision and implement a plan, find the right support system, and avoid negative feedback.  If you are not sure exactly where to start with these three tips, here is what one of our superstar clients, Sylvia Benitez, has to say about HH Fitness Boot Camps:

No other weight loss program has EVER worked for me. The fact that Heath has been side by side with me during this journey is priceless. I have lost such a significant amount of weight that I don’t like to say how much because (now) I’m embarrassed at just how heavy I used to be! My fitness level is better than many half my age. I’m very proud of that.  What a treasure to have the ability to call, text, or email your trainer and get a response immediately. It’s not his staff, it’s not a recording it is Heath himself…I hope that never goes away.  I can never thank Heath/you enough for what he/you has/have done for me.  Never have I met a trainer so truly interested in getting folks healthy, fit and able to enjoy a better quality of life.”

For more information on achieving the body you want or additional support, please contact HH Fitness by email at HHFitness@gmail.com or by phone at 512-787-2219.  To participate in a TWO-WEEK Trial please visit HHFitness.com.

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