Get Over $200 Worth of Interval Tracks for Only $20!

I got an enthusiastic email that I want to share with you from my colleague BJ Gaddour, the Co-Creator and Fitness Director for a fitness music and media production company called Workout Muse (WM).

WM specializes in custom interval training workout soundtracks that tell you exactly what to do (when to start, stop, countdowns, updates, etc.) so that you don’t have to deal with the annoying task of looking at your clock when doing timed sets or any interval protocol in general.

He gave me permission to share this content with you about the biggest sale he’s ever had at Workout Muse in an effort to raise money to put together the PRO version of their best selling iWorkout Muse app for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to build your own custom interval training workout mixed to your favorite music.

Be sure to give it a quick read below because this type of sale doesn’t come around a whole lot and there are ONLY 24 hours left 😉

Get Fit – Get Healthy – Get Sexy

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS


We are getting ready to make the PRO version of the groundbreaking iWorkoutMuse app for the iPhone and iPod Touch based on your feedback and requests!

But first, we really need your help, so please keep reading…

Smartphone applications are very expensive to develop and we need to raise some funds to get the ball rolling so all of our valued followers can realize the power of all of the following upgrades in iWorkout Muse PRO:

– Create custom warm-up and cool-down (pre-workout and post-workout) options to book end your main interval workout to best allow for a total fitness experience, PLUS the ability to create a transitional period that allows for any desired rest and transition between your warm-up, workout, and/or cool-down instead of having to constantly restart the app… this can get annoying!

– Create multiple interval protocols within the same workout instead of being confined to a single interval protocol (e.g. 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest). This function will allow for really fun interval routines like ladders, complexes, pyramids, and the ability to do pretty much any interval workout you can think of! This is my personal favorite feature 😉

– Choose from a variety of sound effects to mark the stop and go for each work period like a gunshot, gong, ringing bell, etc.

– Choose between a male and female voice for the audio instructions

– The ability to control the volume of the music and the audio instructions/sound effects SEPARATELY so that you never miss an audio update on really loud songs with lots of instrumentation for genres like rock and hip-hop
– A phone vibrate option that marks the stop and go

– Provide “__ Round(s) Down” announcements after each round until the end of the set workout duration to better allow people to pace themselves and track their workout

– To pick-up exactly where your music left off when restarting the app so that you don’t have to listen to the same song again and get more musical variety

– And more!!!

So that’s why we’ve put together the following unbelievable sale to help make this PRO app a reality ASAP:

Help us raise money for the development of THE iWorkout Muse PRO app for the iPhone and iPod touch AND the WorkoutMuse app for the Blackberry and Droid platforms!!

This product includes well over $200 worth of interval tracks for ONLY $20 for a special limited-time ONLY! There are 10 total tracks featuring an eclectic mix of intervals and fitness applications including:

– TWO 50-10 Tracks from Bootcamp Dynamite: Reggaeton and Rock/Hip-Hop ($39.95 value)

– TWO 30-30 Tracks from 30-30 Mayhem: Rock and Orchestral ($39.95 value)

– TWO 20-10 Tracks from Ultimate Tabatas: Hip-Hop and Techno ($39.95 value)

– ONE Pyramid Interval Track from MMA Rockout ($29.95 value)

– ONE 45-15 Track from Resistance Band Training Soundtracks ($35.95 value)

– ONE 15-30 Power Training Track from Kettlebell Kaos ($29.95 value)

– ONE 60-120 Track from Warp Speed Fat Loss ($19.95 value)

To listen to audio samples of these tracks and to get the deal of a lifetime go the link below today within the next 24 hours (or copying and pasting the link into your browser):

The average WM track costs about 20 bucks and now you can get TEN tracks for the same price… this is by far the most insane sale we’ve ever offered so be sure to take advantage!

Thanks in advance for your support here and we know you’re going to absolutely LOVE iWorkout Muse PRO… let’s do it together 😉

Crank it!


PPS- We want to make iWorkout Muse PRO more than words can describe and we’re giving you a real killer deal here. You only have 24 hours to get $200 worth of some of our most popular interval tracks for ONLY a measly 20 smacks:

PPS- Please forward this email to as many of your friends and family who love interval workouts but hate looking at their clock or who could benefit from the PRO version of iWorkout Muse so can raise the fund and get this baby developed right away:

PPPS- If we raise enough money, we’re even going to roll out the Workout Muse application to the Blackberry and Droid platforms, so please forward this email to any fitness junkies or trainers and coaches you know how would love to build their own custom interval workouts mixed to their favorite music on these smartphone devices too:

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