Part 1 – The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide Workout Checklist

Use the following workout checklist to stay on track during the holidays.

For each of the 10 fitness standards you meet in the outlined checklist below, you earn ONE point.

If your goal is to maintain your weight during the holidays, then you MUST achieve at least 5 total points each week.

If your goal is to reduce your weight and lose body fat during the holidays, then you MUST achieve at least 8 total points each week.

__ Did you set an appointment for all of your 3 available weekly bootcamp workouts just like you would for a work function or a family obligation?

__ Did you complete at least 2 out of 3 of your scheduled weekly bootcamp workouts?

__ If you missed a bootcamp workout, did you perform your own home/travel workout with both equipment and bodyweight exercise options using Workout Automator powered by Workout Muse?

__ If you had a sweet treat totaling at least 100 calories, did you perform 50 total burpees or 100 total squats in 5 minutes or less to best mitigate the damage? If you didn’t have a sweet treat, then give yourself a point here too!

__ If you only had 5 minutes to workout on a particular day, did you perform a 4-minute 20-10 Tabata Total Body Blast using Kettlebell Swings, Dumbbell Squat to Presses, Bodyweight Burpees, OR Band Squat to Rows as the exercise mode and use either the iWorkout Muse app or an Ultimate Tabatas Soundtrack powered by Workout Muse for timing and automation purposes?

__ If you had a high carb/reward meal at a holiday event, did you perform a damage control workout before or after the event using the current or past Workout(s) of the Month (includes instructional workout videos) or the Soundtrack(s) of the Month (just interval workout music) powered by Workout Muse? If you didn’t have a high carb/reward meal then give yourself a point here too!

__ Did you perform at least 30-60 minutes of additional low to moderate intensity activity outside of your daily workout routine like walking the dog, doing recreational sports, or playing with the kids?

__ Did you perform 2-3 additional cardio interval workouts on non-bootcamp workout days using the Warp Speed Fat Loss Soundtracks powered by Workout Muse including 60-120, 120-120, and 30-90 high-intensity interval training options to burn stubborn fat?

__ Did you perform daily corrective self-massage and stretching to improve tissue quality and flexibility, accelerate recovery, reduce the risk of injury, and feel better using MISSION: UNBREAKABLE powered by Workout Muse?

__ If you have a weak core and/or chronic back pain and want to build flat, sexy abs, did you perform at least one additional core stability workout using the 10-3 Core Stability Soundtrack powered by Workout Muse?

Committed to your health,

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS

HH Fitness

P.S. –  Stay tuned for part 2 – The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide Nutrition Checklist

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