Monthly Archives: February 2011

Routine to Tone Your Back Muscles!

I was recently asked by Amanda Hernandez how to tone your back muscles. It is important to perform full body routines that incorporate pulling and stabilization movements for your back that will improve strength, endurance and range of motion (ROM) to minimize injury.  Once you minimize injury risk your body can work more efficiently towards […]

One of the best pieces of equipment to train with

The Lebert Equalizer is by far one of the best tools you could use to strengthen and tone your body! I initially purchased the Lebert Equalizer for my boot camps to give my members the ability to work on pulling movements without the use of weights.  Once I received the Equalizers I realized they could […]

You Can Cut Thousands of Calories Come Kickoff with Healthier Super Bowl Food Choices

With Super Bowl this Sunday, the time to prepare for the smorgasbord of goodies for your football party is now. Making a couple tweaks to some of your favorite party food recipes can make them healthier and more figure-friendly come kickoff? The following comprehensive list of both approved food choices and/or healthier substitutes for traditional […]