One of the best pieces of equipment to train with

The Lebert Equalizer is by far one of the best tools you could use to strengthen and tone your body!

I initially purchased the Lebert Equalizer for my boot camps to give my members the ability to work on pulling movements without the use of weights.  Once I received the Equalizers I realized they could be used for more than just pulling movements.

Watch the video below to see the many uses you get with the Lebert Equalizer:

The folks at Lebert Fitness have created a new coupon code for $10.00 off the purchase of a set of Lebert Equalizers (includes Beginner/Intermediate DVD and laminated poster) for you when you order online.

Just click the banner and enter coupon code EQ0210 at the checkout (valid until February 28, 2011):

Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

I will have a workout out for you later in the week in which we incorporate the Lebert Equalizer to strengthen and tone you back.

Committed to your health,

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS

P.S. – I am a proud affiliate of Lebert Fitness.

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