Routine to Tone Your Back Muscles!

I was recently asked by Amanda Hernandez how to tone your back muscles.

It is important to perform full body routines that incorporate pulling and stabilization movements for your back that will improve strength, endurance and range of motion (ROM) to minimize injury.  Once you minimize injury risk your body can work more efficiently towards that lean/toned look you may be looking for.

The following routine is a 30-30 strength circuit we performed recently during our boot camps powered by Workout Muse (Their is a FREE gift at the bottom of this post).  In order to adequately perform this routine you will need to have access to something to perform lying pulls (we used the Lebert Equilizer and TRX suspension trainer), dumbbells or kettlebells, and bands.

Here are the exercises we performed:

Exercise Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Reverse Pillar Hip Lifts Table Top Table Top w/ Reach
Supine Body Weight Pull Decrease Angle Lebert Equilizer / TRX / Rope Increase Angle
Kettlebell Dead-Lift Decrease Load KB Dead-Lift Increase Load
Band Curl-Squat-Press Decrease Load Band Curl-Squat-Press Increase Load
Prone Posterior Holds T-Shape (with arms) W-Shape (with arms) Superman Hold

If you are new to exercise and/or have not exercised in the last 3-6 months start with level 1 of each of the following exercises.  You should consult with your physician prior to starting or changing your exercise habits.  You will want to perform up 4 rounds of each exercise at 30:30 work to rest ratio.  Watch the videos below to see how the HH Fitness Boot Campers did with this routine:

6:00 am session

8:10 am session

12:00 pm session

4:00 pm sesson

Yes, I even did this workout.  I even demonstrate some of the different levels during my routine

If you would like to get access to any of the equipment we used in this routine you can get them at the following links (Click on the Image):

Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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Kettlebells from Perform Better

Resistance Bands

(Each of the links above are my affiliate links.  Should you purchase something I will receive a commission and I want to thank you for your purchase.  I would not recommend these companies if I did not truly believe in their products)

Dig Deep!

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS

HH Fitness

P.S. – Click on this link or Right Click to save to you Desktop to get a sample of the 30-30 music from Workout Muse:

P.P.S. –  To get you own Workout Muse Tracks Click the image below:

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