Monthly Archives: October 2012

The One-Side Argument for Amazing Abs

Not a day seems to go by that some new crazy abdominal exercise or gizmo hits the market promising quick and easy results. By now I hope you know that spot reduction doesn’t work and that you can crunch and sit-up until your spine snaps (and it probably will after too many reps) and you […]

Turkish Strength and Conditioning SECRET

We’ve been utilizing a new workout during current phase of training. It’s called Turkish Get-Up Intervals and it involves a single exercise, the Turkish Get-Up that works your entire body from head to toe. Though there’s a bit of a learning curve associated with this high-skill exercise, it will be well worth the total body […]

Thunder Rolls and Lightning Strikes (Not what you think)

Get ready for a storm… It’s time for THUNDER AND LIGHTNING! In terms of fitness, I use the phrase “Thunder and Lightning” to describe something called complex training (different than complexes we posted earlier, CLICK TO LEARN MORE) where you alternate between a heavy strength training exercise and lighter, unloaded power training exercise for a […]

Complexes: The Simple Way to a Burn Belly Fat

I have always found that success leaves clues so I obsessively study the methods of the many great coaches and business minds out there- I find it fascinating. One thing that I keep seeing time and time again in my research is the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid I love this concept and I firmly strive to apply it […]