Monthly Archives: February 2014

Find Your Fast – (Part 3 ) Putting Your Training Program Together

Your 5k race training program should not be over complicated. Today, I’m going to share a quick outline of my very own personal 5k race training schedule.  It’s also the same one I use with my clients. By the way, since overall health and fitness, along with fat loss and lean muscle gain, are goals […]

Find Your Fast (Part 2)

5k-race season has begun and running enthusiasts are seeking the most efficient and effective running training program to help them achieve their goals.  Unfortunately, the market is saturated with so many different, and often conflicting, approaches to training for a 5k race. Yesterday, I let you in on a critical training approach that many recreational […]

Find Your Fast!

5K races, 10K races, obstacle runs, ½ Marathon runs, and Marathon Races are happening every weekend all over the country, and here in Central Texas they’re BIG.  With only a few really nice months of weather each year, people in Central Texas flock towards all kinds of outdoor activities in the spring and summer… and […]