Beast – Warrior – Mad Minute

We’ve got a great phase of training coming your way.

We’re alternating between 6 different workouts during this phase, each workout using a different interval protocol to best keep our bodies guessing and work every muscle quality throughout the week. We want to share with you the 3 of the protocols below:

  1. The20-40 Beast Circuit where you alternate between 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest in a 5-exercise circuit format. This template is phenomenal for developing maximum strength and power.

A beast is a mystic creature that can display awe-inspiring feats of strength and speed of movement in short bouts and that’s what this workout is designed to turn you into. Get ready to unleash the beast within!

  1. The 40-20 Warrior Circuit where you alternate between 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest in a 5-exercise circuit format. This template is phenomenal for hypertrophy (lean muscle gain) and muscular endurance.

A warrior must be able to exert maximum effort for extended periods of time in the face of endless obstacles. In a fight, the first person to fatigue usually gets knocked out- you don’t want to be knocked out! Regardless of what you do for a living, this workout will help you both physically and mentally prepare for any battle you may face on the job or at the home front. It’s gonna be a war!

  1. One of my favorite training protocols of all time – The Mad Minute! It’s basically a 3-exercise succession complex for 1 minute of total work followed by a 1-minute rest and transition period for 20 total minutes of pain and pleasure. In other words, you perform 20 seconds of work for 3 consecutive exercises using the same training tool (bodyweight, TRX, kettlebell, bands, etc.) with ZERO rest and transition time between movements.

The Mad Minute is a real kill-shot where you totally empty the tank and leave everything on the training floor- rest is for the weak! Your conditioning and work capacity will be tested to the max. Plus, this template will provide a super potent fat-burning stimulus that will have your metabolism on overdrive for the next several days after completing it.

Studies show that by employing different work and rest periods or interval protocols throughout a given training week lead to better results than doing the same thing each day. This is called undulating periodization and we’ll be using it to take our fitness to the next level this month…



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