It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas 2015 is less than 2 weeks away? Where has the time gone?
I’m sure by now you are getting in the spirit of things and listening to the occasional holiday song. It’s hard not to.

Just the other day I found myself unknowingly humming the opening verse to “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas.” And then I had an idea…..

For the next 12 days, I will have a holiday themed song message for you. Each message is named after a different song and contains some interesting thoughts that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I am calling these posts my 12 Days of Fitness and the goal is to help you enjoy the season.

We know all too well how quickly the holidays can become stressful. I hope that each day the posts will give you the opportunity to step back, laugh and give some thought into staying fit during such a busy time. Above all, I hope the 12 Days of Fitness will enhance your holiday experience and make Christmas 2015 a memorable one.

Be on the lookout for the next message tomorrow. However, in the meantime take a listen to Michael Bublé’s “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”


What song do you think I’ll pick next?

Have a great day!

Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS, YFS1
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
HH Fitness, Inc.

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