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Deck The Halls

With Christmas right around the corner, I spent a little bit of time decorating the house. This year we put the tree up early and even added a few more decorations outside. As I was decorating the house this year, I would pause for a little bit and then step back and think, “The girls […]

Turkish Strength and Conditioning SECRET

We’ve got a really cool workout coming your way during our new phase of training. It’s called Turkish Get-Up Intervals and it involves a single exercise, the Turkish Get-Up, that works your entire body from head to toe. Though there’s a bit of a learning curve associated with this high-skill exercise, it will be well […]

HH Fitness Movement of the Phase

Each phase we work on a specific movement to help our clients improve their mobility.  The Movement of Phase 4 is upper body rolling.

Beast – Warrior – Mad Minute

We’ve got a great phase of training coming your way. We’re alternating between 6 different workouts during this phase, each workout using a different interval protocol to best keep our bodies guessing and work every muscle quality throughout the week. We want to share with you the 3 of the protocols below: The20-40 Beast Circuit […]

HH Fitness Movement of the Phase

Movement of Phase 3: CARRIES I. Benefits The ability to develop great spinal stabilization is vital to be functional through daily activities, and developing dynamic core rigidity is one of the most important components to achieve this.  One of the easiest exercises you can use to develop dynamic core stability is “1-Arm Carries” progressions using […]

the Leg Crank finish at HH Fitness

HH Fitness is in its 3rd phase of training at the Movement & Performance Institute for the Metabolic Accelerator Program (M.A.P.), these is our large group personal training sessions. When we use finishers within our training program we make sure the protocol being used is less than 12 minutes, with the average finisher being no […]

HH Fitness Tempo Interval Training

This is part two for the Method Behind the Madness for the 2015 phase 3 of our training. In part one we covered Tabatas (read more about tabatas here). In part two we will cover an often-overlooked component of training, especially among boot camp instructors, is tempo. Tempo refers to the speed at which a […]

HH Fitness Tabata Revolution

In 1994, Dr. Tabata and some other Japanese researchers conducted a study with results that have forever changed the way fitness professionals program workouts designed to burn fat and boost fitness. There were 2 groups in this landmark study. Group 1 did steady state cardio for 60 minutes- the long, slow, boring stuff you see […]

Method Behind the Madness- 30-30 Hypertrophy and Continuous 20-Minutes – Phase 1 2015

We have had a great phase of group personal training (bootcamp) sessions locked and loaded for you! As you know, an inordinate amount of time has been spent researching and testing exercise variations and workout templates to best ensure that we bring the cream of the fitness crop your way each and every month. Many […]

Find Your Fast – (Part 3 ) Putting Your Training Program Together

Your 5k race training program should not be over complicated. Today, I’m going to share a quick outline of my very own personal 5k race training schedule.  It’s also the same one I use with my clients. By the way, since overall health and fitness, along with fat loss and lean muscle gain, are goals […]