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HH Fitness Tempo Interval Training

This is part two for the Method Behind the Madness for the 2015 phase 3 of our training. In part one we covered Tabatas (read more about tabatas here). In part two we will cover an often-overlooked component of training, especially among boot camp instructors, is tempo. Tempo refers to the speed at which a […]

The One-Side Argument for Amazing Abs

Not a day seems to go by that some new crazy abdominal exercise or gizmo hits the market promising quick and easy results. By now I hope you know that spot reduction doesn’t work and that you can crunch and sit-up until your spine snaps (and it probably will after too many reps) and you […]

Thunder Rolls and Lightning Strikes (Not what you think)

Get ready for a storm… It’s time for THUNDER AND LIGHTNING! In terms of fitness, I use the phrase “Thunder and Lightning” to describe something called complex training (different than complexes we posted earlier, CLICK TO LEARN MORE) where you alternate between a heavy strength training exercise and lighter, unloaded power training exercise for a […]

Complexes: The Simple Way to a Burn Belly Fat

I have always found that success leaves clues so I obsessively study the methods of the many great coaches and business minds out there- I find it fascinating. One thing that I keep seeing time and time again in my research is the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid I love this concept and I firmly strive to apply it […]

Shock Your Body with Ladder Intervals

As you probably already know, the typical interval workout features a single interval protocol with a static work and rest period.   For example, a 30-30 interval workout consists of alternating between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest with a 1:1 work to rest ratio.   Is there anything wrong with this […]

Are you INSANE?

If you have watched TV at all over the last year or so, you surely have seen the INSANITY follow-along workout DVD infomercials. Recently my buddy BJ Gaddour, Fitness Director for Workout Muse, was asked to give his opinion about this program in contribution to an MSN Fitbie article called “Is this workout completely insane” […]

Method Behind the Madness: Tempo Interval Training

An often-overlooked component of training, especially among boot camp instructors, is tempo.  Tempo refers to the speed at which a repetition is performed with each repetition being broken down into the three distinct phases in the movements of muscles and tendons:   –          Lowering (eccentric) portion –          Pause (isometric) portion –          Lifting (concentric) portion   […]

Body Building Boot Camp Trailer – Powered by Workout Muse

Watch this short trailer to get an idea about the current exercises we are doing with our current phase.  The current workouts are to the “Body Building” Boot Camp tracks from Workout Muse. To learn more about Workout Muse >>CLICK HERE<< Stay tuned for the method behind the madness 🙂

Routine to Tone Your Back Muscles!

I was recently asked by Amanda Hernandez how to tone your back muscles. It is important to perform full body routines that incorporate pulling and stabilization movements for your back that will improve strength, endurance and range of motion (ROM) to minimize injury.  Once you minimize injury risk your body can work more efficiently towards […]

Part 2 – The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide Nutrition Checklist

Use the following nutrition checklist to stay on track during the holidays. For each of the 10 NUTRITION standards you meet in the outlined checklist below, you earn ONE point. If your goal is to maintain your weight during the holidays, then you MUST achieve at least 5 total points each week. If your goal is to reduce your […]