Success Stories

I began using Heath as my trainer when I signed up for his 12 week boot camp program. I wanted to get into shape but I was bored with my own workout routine. Participating in the boot camp has really challenged me physically. Heath introduced me to circuit training and core strengthening. I learned that if you push yourself and venture out of your comfort zone you can get great results. Heath’s training has helped me to become physically and mentally stronger. This is also the first time that a workout program has made my body leaner and more toned. My future goals are to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle by using everything I learned in boot camp. I recommend this program to anyone who is in a workout rut and wants to see real results.

A very satisfied customer,

Audrey Mendez

I owe Heath so much and I am thankful for all he has done everytime I get dressed up in something I just bought, because all my clothes are to big. I have even bought a dress to wear to a friends wedding that’s a size 12. I haven’t been able to wear that size since high school. Thank you so much. I look forward to taking the boot camp again.

-Meridith Ornelas

I began participating in Heath’s boot camp in March of 2008 after giving birth to my daughter in January. Throughout my pregnancy I gained almost 80 pounds! I didn’t know how I could possibly lose the weight and get back in shape after 9 months of eating any and everything I wanted, a month of bed rest, and 2 months of sleepless maternity leave. Heath’s boot camp was just what the doctor ordered! I am now happy to report I have lost all of my baby weight. I am healthier than before my pregnancy. I feel great, have lots of energy to run around after my daughter, and sleep better than ever before. Boot camp has really been an answer to my prayers. It has changed the way I look at exercise, food, and life!

-Krystal Gomez

I have been doing boot camp since April and I cannot believe the changes that I have seen in my body. I am 47 years old and am in the best shape I have ever been in. I wear a size 4 now. I have never ever ever been this small and I am actually seeing muscles develop in my arms and legs. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done but the changes I have seen are so worth it!!!!!!! I have also learned more about nutrition and have applied that to my lifestyle. Thanks Heath!!!!!!!!!

-Karon Lee

I’ve only had one private session with you however, I have managed to increase my cals burned by minute from 10 to 12.5 sometimes 13. WOW! I like all the information you provide…somehow it does not seem demeaning…you know like you’re fat…quit eating…that sort of thing. I enjoy working out because I know you are in it for my health and not my wallet…been there done that at ‘another gym’! My clothes do not fit me anymore. They’re too BIG. Yay. You know I have a health issue as well and that is resolving too. I really don’t think I will need surgery! The weight loss and flexibility I now have will probably take care of that.


Sylvia Benitez

I took Heath Herrera’s Fitness Boot Camp from July 27 through October 26, 2008. I am 66 years old and at first I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself in to! But Heath was so encouraging. He kept telling me that I could do this, and I found out that I could! I have osteoarthritis of the right knee, I thought I would never be able to pick something up off the floor, nor get up and down again. Within weeks, days actually, I was getting up and down like a champ! My knee now gives me very few problems. Heath is very professional, but easy to work with. He really cares about everyone in the class, young or old, and wants everyone to succeed. He doesn’t push you beyond your limitations, but he doesn’t baby you either. If I lagged behind, he would run with me to help me catch up. If I tried to opt out, he would tell me that this was for me, and that I was just cheating myself by not participating. If told him I couldn’t do something, he would say, “yes you can”, and show me how I could do it within my capabilities. I even looked forward to attending class. I had fun bragging about it to everyone and I for sure impressed and astonished my kids! The best part was that I lost 8 lbs, 3 inches off my waist, four inches off my thighs, and one inch off my neck! I have a lot more energy, my follow through on physical activities has improved and even my brain is working more efficiently! I am very active and I am working on my third career, there is no way that I can afford to physically or mentally decline. Thank you so much Heath for saying “yes you can” and helping me get my body and my life back!

-Kathy Scott Perry

My primary goal in joining a boot camp was to start exercising more consistently and help maintain good blood glucose control. This will help eliminate diabetes complications!! My secondary goal was not to increase my weight and hopefully loose some weight. I feel that I did accomplish exercising more consistently and did see improvement in my blood glucose especially when making healthier food choices. I only lost 3-4 Lbs. but didn’t gain any more weight!!!

I still need improvement in consistently making healthy choices. This will be a challenge during the Holidays!!

I enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere with our instructor, Heath, he is firm but understanding. He gives individual attention when needed, but does push to increase our intensity but in a very nice firm manner!!

All the participants are enjoyable and also very encouraging and very supportive with each other. This makes the class very enjoyable and I look forward to the classs.!!!

I don’t especially enjoy the running/sprint portion of the class. However, little by little, I can see that I am improving. I especially notice that I am not getting short of breath when walking up/down stairs at work, or when climbing uphill!!!!

Exercise is an investment to a healthier life and is worth the money/time involved!!!

-Irma Grouchy

Here’s what my experience has been….Heath is an excellent trainer, who is very conscientious about his client’s needs and skill levels. My strength and endurance have both definitely improved with his skilled help, and he has been diligent about working with my previous injuries to ensure I’m strengthening those weak areas to avoid reinjury. I have been in boot camp more than once now, and I can sincerely say, not two workouts are alike – THANK GOD! Heath really works hard to keep things from getting too routine, and I very much appreciate that!

-Christie Smith

I like the motivation factor and the accountability. I would never do these types of workouts on my own. It is great to have someone to push me.

Great Job!

-Lauren Beller

I am a retired executive who spent years in a highly stressful job. When I retired, I turned into a couch potato and lost all my energy. I joined a gym, but had no will power. Once I signed up for boot camp, I felt obligated to go, as I was expected to show up. I got to know the others and found out it could also be fun. I hadn’t run in 30 years and just assumed I no longer could. I can’t believe it, but I am actually running again, and feel better than I have in 30 years. You CAN turn back the clock…I just did it!

-Kathleen Dial