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Method Behind the Madness: Tempo Interval Training

An often-overlooked component of training, especially among boot camp instructors, is tempo.  Tempo refers to the speed at which a repetition is performed with each repetition being broken down into the three distinct phases in the movements of muscles and tendons:   –          Lowering (eccentric) portion –          Pause (isometric) portion –          Lifting (concentric) portion   […]

Diet Soda Linked to Weight Gain – New Study is a Wake Up Call for “Diet” Drinkers

July 3, 2011 – San Marcos, TX – It is well known that excess sugar consumption leads directly to weight gain. This explains the popularity of artificially sweetened “diet” drinks which do not contain any sugar. However, diet drinks can make you fat as well. At least, that’s what the authors of two new studies […]