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Shock Your Body with Ladder Intervals

As you probably already know, the typical interval workout features a single interval protocol with a static work and rest period.   For example, a 30-30 interval workout consists of alternating between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest with a 1:1 work to rest ratio.   Is there anything wrong with this […]

Undulating Periodization to Boost Fat Loss

We’ve got a great month of boot camp workouts coming your way. We’re alternating between 3 different workouts this month during the Monday, Wednesday and Friday session, each workout using a different interval protocol to best keep our bodies guessing and work every muscle quality throughout the week. Workout A features the 20-40 Beast Circuit […]

Get Over $200 Worth of Interval Tracks for Only $20!

I got an enthusiastic email that I want to share with you from my colleague BJ Gaddour, the Co-Creator and Fitness Director for a fitness music and media production company called Workout Muse (WM). WM specializes in custom interval training workout soundtracks that tell you exactly what to do (when to start, stop, countdowns, updates, […]