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Are Essential Fatty Acids Really Essential?

It’s a very simple question. But a very important one. If you’re at all interested in your health then do NOT miss out on this article. It’s based on science, not guesswork. Yet it’s easy to understand. Check it out here: http://HHFitness.getprograde.com/why-you-need-omega3-fats.html ProGrade EFA Icon Yours in health, Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS PS – Prograde […]

Method Behind the Madness- Continuous 20-Minutes

We have a great month of new boot camp workouts at HH Fitness locked and loaded for you!  Be ready to DIG DEEP! As you know, an inordinate amount of time is spent researching and testing exercise variations and workout templates to best ensure that we bring the cream of the fitness crop your way […]

The Truth About Exercise And Metabolism (Hard Science)

Strength training, strength training, strength training… You hear about it all the time these days. You hear how it’s great for your Metabolism. You hear it’s imperative for that beach body you’re looking for this summer. Well, what’s the real science behind it? Does it really help? The easy answer is right here from my […]

A Common Healthy Weight Loss Complaint

If it were easy everyone would be walking around with a lean, sexy body. But hey, it’s not in this world we live in today. Believe me, I understand all too well that there’s temptation around every corner. Everywhere you look there’s fast food, junk food, chocolate, candy, ice cream, pizza… And I know it […]

Should law makers regulate the offerings fast food companies make in their kids menus?

A county in California recently established an ordinance that separates the link between toys and fast food. Let me know your thoughts and comment with you feed back. Click here to watch the news clip from ABC New http://news.yahoo.com/video/business-15749628/where-happy-meals-are-illegal-19362009

The Story of Prograde Metabolism

There are no miracle pills or potions. There are no shortcuts. If you want to look great naked you MUST have a solid nutrition plan in place and exercise intensely. That’s what I believe. And that’s what my partners over at Prograde Nutrition believe also. They’ve got a new product coming out next week that […]

Lies and Myths of the Weight Loss Industry

I love my partners over at Prograde Nutrition because I truly believe there isn’t another supplement company on the planet that tells it like it is. Seriously, you will NOT believe what they are about to tell you. They literally EXPOSE the biggest weight loss scams out there. They pull back the curtain and reveal […]

CTMC Health Check 2010

Please join me at CTMC’s 24th annual HealthCheck, the largest health screening event in Hays County. HealthCheck will be held on Thursday, April 22, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in San Marcos.

San Marcos Fitness Professional Reveals the Top 5 Diet Tips to be Beach Ready for the Summer

Heath Herrera is a local San Marcos Fitness Profession and weight loss fitness expert. Today he shares the top 5 diet tips to be beach ready for the summer.