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Selecting a Meal Replacement

What does it take to select a good meal replacement for breakfast? I was recently doing our weekly grocery shopping when I went down the supplement isle to grab me a container of PB2 (more on this later) when I noticed a gentleman looking at the Ready to Drink (RTD) protein shakes HEB had in […]

Research Shows This Nutrient Deters Fat Cell Growth

Hey, hope you’re having a great New Year! As a fitness pro, this is my busiest time of the year – as you can imagine 😉 But I had to write to you today to let you know about two awesome updates: First, I wanted to share this great article with you about a common […]

1 Weird Nutrient Beats Belly Fat (And Big Sale Almost Over)

BIG TIME update: Prograde Protein, Metabolism and EFA Icon are ALL 20% off until TOMORROW, Friday at 11:59pm EST. Just click here to start saving. == > http://HHFitness.getprograde.com/essential-fatty-acid.html My partners over at Prograde always deliver killer nutrition content. But this bad boy is the best article I’ve seen from them in awhile. And seriously, they always have […]

Wow, Look At All This Free Stuff You Get

Holy Cow, I think my partners over at Prograde have lost their grip on reality. Not only are they offering you a chance to save 5% on ALL your Prograde purchases, but they’re also throwing in over $700 worth of FREE stuff! By becoming a Prograde VIP before this Thursday at 11:59pm EST you get […]

Tex Mex Mini Meat Loaves (Healthy Recipe)

It doesn’t get much shorter or sweeter than this! 😉 Here’s an awesome recipe from my partners at Prograde Nutrition. Tex Mex Mini Meat Loaves at http://HHFitness.getprograde.com/mini-meat-loaves.html Just looking at the picture of the finished recipe is making my mouth water. – Enjoy! Committed to your health, Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS PS – If you […]

Roasted Red Pepper Chicken and Avocado Salad

Looking for a cool salad to fill you up this summer? Here’s a delicious recipe from my partners over at Prograde Nutrition for you. Roasted Red Pepper Chicken and Avocado Salad 1 medium ripe avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced 1 tsp.  lemon juice 1 bag (10 oz.) torn romaine lettuce (about 10 cups) 2 cups  […]

Flat Belly Fruits and Veggies

I want you to eat more fruits and veggies. But I also want you to understand all the powerful nutrients your body is fueled with by eating them. My partners over at Prograde have made that nice and easy for us 😉 Oh, and they’ve also got a killer drink recipe that will keep you […]

Healthy Weight Loss, Workout Research and BIG Savings

I just received this power packed update from my partners over at Prograde Nutrition. There’s some amazing content AND the details on their BIG 15% off sale this week. I’ve got their permission to share it with you. Enjoy! Heath Herrera **** I’ve been out of my office the past couple days for some very […]

Are Essential Fatty Acids Really Essential?

It’s a very simple question. But a very important one. If you’re at all interested in your health then do NOT miss out on this article. It’s based on science, not guesswork. Yet it’s easy to understand. Check it out here: http://HHFitness.getprograde.com/why-you-need-omega3-fats.html ProGrade EFA Icon Yours in health, Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS PS – Prograde […]

The Truth About Exercise And Metabolism (Hard Science)

Strength training, strength training, strength training… You hear about it all the time these days. You hear how it’s great for your Metabolism. You hear it’s imperative for that beach body you’re looking for this summer. Well, what’s the real science behind it? Does it really help? The easy answer is right here from my […]